About Heavenly Sweets


Should we open a sweet shop?

 So we went on the prowl, scanning down empty shops. Yeah ok this shop looks good, we'll make a fun sweet shop outta these old premises.

And so in 2010 it started.

We signed the lease, stocked it full to the ceiling of everything we'd call awesome and retro and British and sugary, and opened the door!

Then someone was like...you gotta sell American sweets yo!

And then off we went again! Loaded our car with everything that was American looking, and stocked up. Boom! The stuff sold!

10+ years later, we're still here, in a monster warehouse with loads more space and some better ideas, a ping pong table, awesome coffee machine, cool work buddies, plants for the feng shui and all that, oh and high viz jackets obvs. :-)

And it still smells like sweets! (incase those of you who remembered walking into our shops and smelled the cherry-sugar-candy-floss sweet kinda smell).

So of course we have pallets of pick n mix sweets, loads of flat gift boxes we assemble and pack on our hamper runway we call it.

And the same old sweets sell as they did back then, Haribo, retro sweets, fizzy pick n mix, American sweets and chocolate. The only diffs now is that we exclusively make up gift boxes of sweets, we don't normally sell single sweets, soz. Our gift boxes are our focus point and what we do best. It's a mixup of all the fave's, and why would you want a sample of all the best bits?

We make up loads and loads of boxes here, ship em out 7 days a week to anyone who needs gift boxes of sweets in a hurry. Sweets to go, yo!

So you want to know how many sweet gift boxes we've sold since 2016 (which is kinda when we stared counting) = over 1 million! as of 2023. Damn thats flippin' out-of-this-world amazing!

Anyway, catch you on the checkout page! Happy shopping friends :-)