Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop

‘Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop’
-Laura Lollipop

A phrase that I hear often in the shop from adults is ‘I feel like a kid in a sweet shop.’ In this blog, I have two guest bloggers to tell us what it really does feel like to be a kid in a sweet shop!

Lucy Scanlan
When I go into Heavenly Sweets, the first thing I notice is how colourful it is! All the bright sweets make me feel like I want to buy something. The nice, kind workers always smile and say hi and it makes you feel welcome. Looking at all the sweets, it’s so hard to choose a favourite but the american sweets always catch my eye such as the nerds or the cupcake bites. The Pick n Mix is a second favourite of mine, the Haribo marshmallows and the Haribo friendship rings are delicious. There are lots of things to put your sweets in and I think they are genius! You can put them in boxes that look like books and there are ‘Top Secret’ boxes which are really awesome, you can fit loads inside them! The Ice cream is scrumptious, all the different varieties are hard to choose from for example the traditional cone or a yummy american soda float. The drinks are weird but wonderful! Mello Yello and Coca Cola vanilla make your taste-buds tingle! There are so many different flavours to choose from. This is definitely a shop I would recommend to everyone! It’s my favourite shop so why not choose it as yours! :)

Leyton Flower
I love Heavenly Sweets. They have sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks and even ice creams. The ice creams are really nice. I can never decide what to eat but there is one thing I really like to eat- ICE CREAM! Ice creams are the best there. And the people are so nice at Heavenly Sweets. What would you want from there? So pick up your keys and get in your cars and drive right down to Heavenly Sweets. I just can’t have enough. You will love it there.

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