Sugar-Free Sweets

Sugar-Free Sweets
-Laura Lollipop

Here at Heavenly Sweets we have something for everyone and that includes all the people who cannot eat sugar. We don’t want anyone to have to miss out on the yumminess of sweets! Heavenly Sweets has a huge selection of sugar-free sweets with 13 different varieties to choose from! We have everything from hard-boiled to gummy sweets to chocolate and you know the best thing about them? They don’t taste any different from sugar sweets! In this blog post, I’ll tell you all about the types that we do and which ones are the most popular.

The hard-boiled sugar-free sweets boast the most variety. The most popular by far are the sugar-free humbugs. We have many regular customers who come in soley to buy these and only these! We also have many customers who have recently discovered that they have to reduce the sugar in their diet and are delighted to have found that they can still enjoy their favourite sweets despite this. The blackcurrant and liquorice sweets are especially tasty with a strong blackcurrant taste to begin with and the liquorice coming through towards the end. I’m not sure why but people are always surprised to find out that we do sugar-free rhubarb and custard! We then offer them a try and are met with ‘mmm’s. Customers love them! We also have pear drops, sherbet lemons, chocolate limes and barley sugar.

Gummy Sweets
Sugar-free gummy sweets are the most popular with younger people. At Heavenly Sweets, we have cola bottles, fruit salad and teddy bears. They are just as gummy, chewy and tasty as the original but without the sugar.

We have sugar-free chocolate eclairs and dark chocolate covered peanuts. The eclairs are another popular one in the shop, we often find ourselves filling up that jar! The sugar-free chocolate peanuts are glorious. Infact, I would rather snack on these than the sugar-full ones!

We only have one sugar-free liquorice product but it is the tastiest one! The Liquorice Drops are small, about 1p size, pieces of liquorice that are delightfully chewy with a rich liquorice taste.

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