Christmas is Here!

Christmas Sweets
-Laura Lollipop

Christmas is fast approaching and that means a return of all of your favourite Christmas-sy sweets! There are some sweets that you just can’t have Christmas without, whether it be candy canes or chocolate coins. Luckily for you, we have them all at Heavenly Sweets! We have lots of Christmas sweet goodness as well as some American Christmas treats too. We like to spoil people with choice here!

Traditional candy canes are always popular. The peppermint taste just seems to scream Christmas as does the red, green and white swirl of colours. Perhaps you like to nom them down throughout the Christmas period or maybe you like to hang them on your tree; they are great for many an occasion. At Heavenly Sweets, we have normal size candy canes but we also have mini ones too! The mini candy canes are great as small treats for children, popping in stockings and for hanging on small Christmas trees. If you don’t fancy the traditional candy cane shape then we offer peppermint lollies too! We have round ones, swirly ones and long ones. There’s a shape for everyone! But what if you don’t like peppermint? Yep, we even have lollies for you too. We have jelly lollies for the people who prefer the fruity taste in their sweets. Heavenly Sweets has jelly santas, teddy bears, snowmen and penguins in jelly lolly form! They super cute and super tasty.

Who doesn’t love getting chocolate at Christmas?! Here at Heavenly Sweets we have plenty of chocolate treats to choose from. We have the traditional gold foil wrapped chocolate coins but if you prefer them slightly more fancy then we also have red and blue foil wrapped coins too! And if that isn’t enough, we have giant chocolate coins that are as big as your whole hand! If you don’t fancy too much unwrapping before you tuck into your chocolate then maybe you’d prefer a tasty chocolate lollipop. Not your usual suck and lick lollipop but more of a chomp and chew but yummy nonetheless. We have a milk chocolate santa and reindeer as well as a white chocolate snowman. You can eat your way through a whole host of Christmas figures! If you need some sweet decorations to hang on your tree then we have those too. You could have a delicious chocolate father christmas or snowman adorning your tree. Maybe you’d like some super creamy chocolate which is often described as the best chocolate in the world! If so then we have Lindt chocolate reindeers and santas.

Now onto our American Christmas goodies. You may have heard of some of these before but we bet that you haven’t tried them with their special Christmas twist! Everyone who comes into Heavenly Sweets loves Nerds; we just can’t get them out on our shelves quick enough! They are tiny pieces of candy that are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside and they come in a wide variety of flavours from grape to peach to lemon. We have big boxes of Frosted Nerds for Christmas time and they have three flavours in the box: watermelon, wild cherry and punch. We have Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers in the shop but for Christmas we have Everlasting Gobstopper Snowballs. Yum yum! There are many peanut butter lovers here in England whose cravings just aren’t satisfied by the chocolate on offer over here but American candy makers Reese’s have the perfect Christmas-sy option for them… Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Christmas Trees. They are individually wrapped pieces of peanut butter perfection and ideal for stocking fillers.

Speaking of stocking fillers, we have amazing pre-made bags here in the shop. They include many of the goodies previously mentioned plus much more! They have rainbow drops, fizz wiz, a peppermint lolly, a jelly lolly, two chocolate characters, a chocolate coin and a mini candy cane. It is a great assortment of all the best Christmas sweets ready made for you! They can be used as stocking fillers but there are many more ways that these can be gifted! They are great for Secret Santa presents, especially for that person who you don’t really know what to buy them as sweets are always a great gift! If you’re having a Christmas party then these are awesome party bags to give out to guests or maybe you’re a super generous owner of a company and want to buy your employees a Christmas gift. These stocking fillers are great for any occasion!

Happy Christmas!
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