A Very Sweet Christmas Poem

A Very Sweet Christmas
By Becky Cussen

Twas the night before Christmas in Heavenly Sweets
where the jars like toy soldiers stood empty – though once full of treats.
The doors now sealed shut simply creak in the wind,
as the jars await the gifts of what St. Nicholas brings.

The children now nestled, tucked up in their beds
are engulfed among sweet visions which dance in their heads.
Their stockings are stuffed full of shop bought sweets,
each little liquorice and Wonka bar wrapped tightly and neat.

Back in the store there’s not a sweetie to be seen,
only small toffee hand prints which smother the till screen.
Small crystal sugar gems scattered on the floor, are all that remains in this Heavenly store!

Each scrumptious sweetie was gone in a flash,
as young children had dragged their parents to the till all too fast.
Only a lone sherbet pip lay forgotten in a jar, left to be found as it shone like a star.
But wait, what’s that! It’s a white chocolate mouse, dropped and forgotten by the door on the way out!

Even the ice cream was snapped up in a flash as young children begged parents for a little more cash.
As closing time neared customers began to disperse,
Leaving the staff to lock up and retire from work.
At last the Christmas takings could be filed away , the till left wide open, not a penny in the tray.

Soon arose the morning from the night before,
as daylight showed up foot prints engraved in the floor.
Each little trail leading to a regiment of jars,
now full of the treasures which were there in the past.

The till sprinkled with candy and edible snow- flakes, the shelves full of chocolate and American traits...
What’s more to say but Christmas is here, so come on in and share your Christmas cheer!

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