Pancake Day

Pancake Day at Heavenly Sweets

This year we thought we'd try something different in the pancake department, something from the big bad America.

Ok yes it was bought pre-made, then we just added our own goodies on top, way to go if you need a quick pancake fix with little time, but you know you should be having a pancake.

So here's the idea. Run into Heavenly Sweets, don't worry about a basket, just hit the shelves for some M&M's Peanut Butter, Vanilla Marshmallow Fluff and a Twinkie to add some height and roundness.

Smear on the fluff, not too much, otherwise it will be mega sweet. Then place the Twinkie and scatter the peanut butter nuggets around. Close 'em up and take a big bite either end to start, then you're left with the best part in the middle.

So we added this on our Facebook page with over 170 likes, so you may say that this is one to try...we did! Tasting notes: 7/10 the Twinkie came through nicely, and the peanut butter added a nice saltiness to it.

If you were going down the more sophisticated palate route, you may want to try chocolate banana and fluff instead? That was a cool 7.5/10 we thought.

Anyway, till next year :-)

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