Easter Sweets and Chocolates!

Happy Easter!
-Laura Lollipop

We at Heavenly Sweets hope that everyone has a great Easter time! We’re sure that quite a few of you are gonna munch down more than one easter egg on Sunday! It's a very busy time here in the shop; eggs flying off the shelves. I suppose you could say that we have an eggcellent Easter every year. Growing up, my mum would buy me so much chocolate that it lasted well past Easter and on into May too! I would always save my favourite till last which was the good ol’ Cadbury’s Creme Egg. For people of ages, this is the chocolate egg that they always remember being around at Easter time so you may think that this was the first one around but think again! The first chocolate Easter egg was made two years before the creme egg by J.S Fry & Sons in 1873.

The chocolatiers from Bristol did not make Easter eggs as we know them today but were instead made from bitter dark chocolate which was extravagantly decorated by hand with marzipan and chocolate piping. Back in the late 1800’s, chocolate eggs would have only been given as a gifts within the Victorian elite as they were very expensive. However, Cadbury soon recognised the popularity of the chocolate Easter egg and, just two years later, they had come up with an Easter egg of their own! Not only did Cadbury copy Fry’s on the first chocolate egg but they also did not invent the Creme Egg! Fry’s Creme Egg first launched in 1963 but, when they took over the company in 1971, Cadbury rebranded it as the ever popular Cadbury’s Creme Egg that we know today.

There’s no denying the chocolate Easter egg was a hit and it doesn’t look like that is set to change anytime soon.

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