A Sweet for Every Letter of the Alphabet

A Sweet for Every Letter of the Alphabet
-Laura Lollipop

Here at Heavenly Sweets, our nametags are a little different. Instead of having just our names or our positions, we have our ‘sweetie names.’ As you can see, my name is ‘Laura Lollipop’ and we also have ‘Sarah Sweet Peanut,’ ‘Jarred Jelly Bean,’ ‘Amy Anglo Bubbly’ and ‘Troy Treacle Toffee.’ Pretty snazzy, right? Maybe now you’re wondering what your sweetie name would be. Here is a nice alphabet sweet chart to help you out! (There isn’t a sweet for every letter so I’ve had to get creative with a few)!

A- almond nought
B- bonbon
C- cola cube
D- dip dab
E- edinburgh rock
F- fizz wiz
G- grapevine
H- hubba bubba
I- icy cup
J- juicy lips
K- kopp kopps
L- love heart
M- milk gum
N- nerds
O- orange nib
P- pear drop
Q- quality street
R- rainbow drop
S- sherbet pip
T- turkish delight
U- uncle joe’s mint balls
V- victory v
W- winter mixture
X- ‘xploding candy
Y- yellow belly snake
Z- zero bar

Let us know what your sweetie name would be!
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